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How our program works

We connect

Enquire via web/social/phone and if you are keen to trial for free we’ll arrange the next available drop in and set up time in your area.

We Install
and inform

Your new bin will live quietly in a spot that suits. Our bin/s have a Do’s and Dont’s guide on top, and we go into more detail in an introductory email to help familiarise your team with the new system.

We collect
and recycle

We collect your food scraps weekly, freshen up the bins, record the waste’s weight, check for contaminants (non-organic material), and send the waste to be composted.

We track
your impact

Each month, we update you with a report of the weights we’ve collected from you and the details of your saved emissions as opposed to landfill dumping.

Why you should

Organic waste in landfill can’t decompose properly, and it creates toxic methane gas (amongst others), which is 21 times more harmful than carbon dioxide.

Since 40% of waste in the average bin can be composted, you could be saving the planet from a whole lot of nasty methane.

FAQs about compost

Our story

Many years in the hospitality industry opened our eyes unto the food industry. Industrial, commercial and domestic food waste infrastructure existed but there was nothing much in small – mid sized workplaces. A place we spend many of our lives hours at and as a whole, consuming many meals.

Starting bin design trials in 2016, our team took 18 months to research and test bin designs and collection logistics. Our system had to be efficient, simple, interactive and enjoyable.

In 4 years of operation we have diverted

21+ Tonnes of food waste

Thats Equivalent to



Years of electricity consumption for one household



50L petrol tanks consumed



Carbon Dioxide equivalent (CO2-e)

Start enjoying the positive effects on workplace morale, the environment, and local community.


Food scrapping FAQs

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