Our biggest FAQs


Put simply, if you can eat it, you can compost it.

All your organic leftovers

Meat & dairy

Tea bags & coffee grinds

Flowers & plants



Compostable/any packaging

Plates & cutlery

Paper & cardboard


Why aren't you accepting compostable packaging atm?

The Australian Government has moved to halt the chemical PFAS entering soils by forming APCO to phase it out of our food packaging products by the end of 2023.


Once composting facilities are accepting compostable food packaging again, we all can again too.

What do you do with my food waste?

We pay the our long term partners Corio Waste Management and Western Composting Technologies make a high quality product that goes back into our soils in various ways.

See the fascinating process ‘How It’s Made’ on our IG story:

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Why is this good for my business?

Firstly, of course, you are reducing the production of methane from landfill and putting food waste to good use as compost for our soils.

We also record the amount of food waste you produce and give you private access to your data in kgs per month/year/all-time plus realistic emissions-saved conversions: Household Electricity and Tanks of Petrol. Designed to be on display in your workplace, and used in promotion of your business.

Your data also contains the CO2e conversion which is the standard unit of measure for all Greenhouse gases, and is used in all carbon accounting. This data would be helpful in environmental certification applications.

How much does it cost?

Nothing to join – no contracts, no deposits. Stop/start when you please. Our charges depend on the weight of your waste. We suggest doing a free 2-week (no strings) trial to get accurate projected cost.

How often are the bin/s collected?


We experimented for 18 months in our beginning and found a week to be best in terms of odour and it’s problems.

What sizes are available?

Our main bins are our 30L and 50L foot-pedal operated bins. We also have little 8L coffee-caddies to sit on a bench top, generally as an addition to a foot-pedal bin.

How many bins do we need?

It depends on how many people and kitchens you have at your workplace. We suggest our free 2-week (no strings) trial.

What locations do we service?

We are currently servicing the CBD and inner suburbs. As we expand we will service more locations so get in contact and see if we are in your area!

Your waste gets turned into nutrient-dense compost, primarily for the agricultural industry, helping to improve the quality and water-retentive properties of topsoil used for Australian crops.

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Let’s put food waste, a renewal resource, back to it’s natural use; replenishing the soil, increasing soil’s water retention, and contributing to the environment as it should.