Your office will be full of environmental helpers.

From a counter-top coffee machine to a full service corporate kitchen, we have a bin for you.

How our program works

Workplace aiming for zero waste? We save food scraps from landfill

We connect

Drop us a line to say hi and when you’re ready we can start your free 2 week trial, no commitments.

We Install
and inform

Your new bin/s will live quietly in spots that suit you. There’s a Do’s and Dont’s guide on top, and we send you an introductory email you can share around the workplace to get everyone up to speed.

We collect
and recycle

Every week we swap your bin for a fresh one, record the amount of food you have kept out of landfill, and send the waste to be composted.

We track
your impact

Access your data privately. Your monthly, yearly and all-time numbers and what they equate to in relatable terms – household electricity, tanks of petrol and CO2 equivalent.

Our Bin features

Bamboo charcoal deodoriser

Compostable liners. (AS4736)

Foot pedal operation

Food sorting chart on the lid

Just send us a note below with any questions

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